Webclerks and CSS-in-Vienna present:


An online meetup for all who work on the web.

29.07.2020, 19:00 (CEST) – livestreamed on twitch


  • Cube CSS

    CUBE CSS is a CSS methodology that’s orientated towards simplicity, pragmatism and consistency. It’s designed to work with the medium that you’re working in—often the browser—rather than against it. In this talk, we deep-dive into how it works, but most importantly why it exists.

  • Making the web more whimsical with SVG

    The web used to feel like an exciting, mash-up art experiment. Why did it all get so serious? We all love a website that makes us smile, but in in the busy world of front-end development, these human touches can often be overlooked. In this talk I’ll demystify SVG animation, (and hopefully) inspire some whimsy in your next project.

  • You?

    Lightning Talks

    We've got a few awesome short talks as well: